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Dr. Tiffany M Darby & Associates

Supporting students considering/currently enrolled in a doctoral program. Especially looking to assist minority doctoral students who may be experiencing some concerns. Dr. Darby is here to help you with the "ins and outs" of the process.

What our customers are saying

Dr. Darby’s doctoral coaching has been monumental to my understanding of the chapter-by- chapter construction process of my dissertation. Dr. Darby’s active listening skills and attention to key details related to my prospective topic allowed her to hone in specifically on where I wanted to go short and long term with my research. Dr. Darby worked closely with me to flesh out the wording for my title and with the development of my focal points for my empirical and theoretical frameworks based on the research. Availability was never a concern as she responds promptly to emails and telephone calls. Dr. Darby has taught me how to swim well and stay afloat in the process and her reminders to take care of myself have been so beneficial to my overall well-being in this process.

-Jamal Horsley

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